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Siria the litter:
100% natural, it clumps!, flushable, stop to bad odours, organic waste

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Siria lettiera naturale / Siria cat litter

the best catlitter

Siria is a biodegradable cat litter, obtained from natural raw materials which can be easily disposed in the organic waste, in the toilet or in the household compost bin.

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Clumping cat litter made with natural
renewable raw materials

Lettiera biodegradabile

Organic waste

Smaltibile nel wc


Fa palla

It clumps

Dura un mese

Long lasting

Lettiera vegetale

100% natural

Elimina gli odori

Stop to bad odours

Non fa polvere

Dust free

Prodotto leggero

Lightweight product

Siria is a high quality natural clumping cat litter, obtained by applying corn-cob granules to an innovative biotechnology that allows them to clump and to stop unpleasant odours. Siria is biodegradable and is made from renewable raw materials. Siria does not contain dust, which can cause health problems for your pets.

Siria lettiera con tutolo di mais

How to use Siria

  • Preparazione


    Fill the litter box up to a depth of 4-5 cm (1,5-2 Inches).

  • Rimozione


    Daily remove the clumps using a litter scoop.

  • Smaltimento


    In compliance with the waste disposal rules of your municipality, dispose of the clumps in the organic waste, in the toilet or in the household compost bin.

  • Sostituzione


    Once the clumps have been removed, replace them with more granules.

The opinions of those who have tried Siria

  • Foto recensore

    Since I've tried it I've never changed. Excellent quality, we have a cats breeding and even with many cats Siria allows me to change the litter less often and in harmony with the environment!!! Keep it up!


  • Foto recensore

    The best cat litter ever bought!! It makes no smell, practical to eliminate. We love it!!!


  • Foto recensore

    Excellent litter, lasts a lot, don’t smells and covers very well the odours. I advise you with full marks. Is fantastic!!!!!


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